Welcome to the best yoga studio in McLean, VA

At SyteraYoga, our mission is for you to have the most inspiring and rewarding yoga experience you’ve had. To make that a reality, we’ve built a team of talented and experienced yoga teachers who have more than 100 years of combined experience teaching yoga.

SyteraYoga is yoga as a lifestyle, not just “taking a class at the gym.” We emphasize hands-on guidance instead of “mirror my poses.” We meet every yoga student where you’re at- without pressure or judgement- with diverse yoga classes for all skill levels.

Ultimately, SyteraYoga is about helping each student realize their greater potential. We call it “Find Your Shine.”

What People Are Saying About SyteraYoga

“Sytera takes me as I come on any given day, connecting with me in the now without judgement or expectation. The allows me to connect with myself and not to fight with my body but rather to follow it where it will go while also allowing you to guide. With her guidance, I am encouraged to try to soar a little past where I might think I can go. There are a rare few who can be open and know themselves so that they can be open and vulnerable with others. I think that this is why we connect and why Sytera is such a help to me and have been for these last few years.”
– Valerie M., McLean

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